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Speak Your Heart
Not Your Mind.

We are wired to desire connection in relationships. 

But we are also wired to protect ourselves from pain.  

When your attempts at connection create pain, you become stuck because your brain is trying to satisfy both needs.   

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Meet Meredith

Certified Life Coach

I found Life Coaching in 2018 when I was a part-time caregiver for my parents who were battling Parkinson's Disease (Dad) and Pancreatic Cancer (Mom).

The tools I learned about from The Life Coach School and Better Than Happy podcasts improved my quality of life and made my caregiving experience less stressful. 

During that time, I discovered that my super- power is knowing how to approach hard conversations. I can teach you how to face conflict and achieve connection.

I am certified through The Life Coach School.

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God & Family are Important to Me

I Love Great Food, but I'm Tired of Cooking

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I Desire Connected 


And Work to

Honor and Connect with Myself

Get my Simple Guide for Diffusing Conflict:

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When caring for my parents, I learned that powerful connection happens when you're not afraid to talk about hard things. 

Meredith has a way of exposing my thoughts about myself that leads to aha moments. 
Her ability to ask thought provoking questions leads you down a path of self discovery and you know you are not alone. Meredith is beside you all the way. Non judgmental and loving she has a beautiful way to guide you to self acceptance no matter what your age.

- Tracy E.

Meredith's emails, weekly Drop-In calls, Calm Community Group Coaching and a Conflict to Connection class I took from her last August have all been game changers in my life. Jody Moore and Brooke Castillo laid the foundation for me, but Meredith resonates with me more and was the crowning piece I needed most. 

- Celia C.

I had the privilege of working with Meredith, and am grateful for the precious gems of knowledge she shared with me.   Meredith’s caring, insightful, and nonjudgmental attitude made  it easy to share experiences with her!  I learned so many things about myself, and how powerful our thoughts are. Thank you for listening, coaching, and guiding me to see my feelings through a new lens.  Every session was so empowering!  Thank you!!

- Heather L.

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