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Believing Lies About Yourself is Keeping You Stuck...
Now You Can Know How to Respond When Your Relentless Inner Critic Speaks Up...

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It's LEAP YEAR and I'm turning 13!

My birthday only comes around every 4 years, so I love to celebrate when it does. 

One way I'm celebrating is by discounting my Courageous Momentum Package by 13%

(because I'm turning 13!)

This program is for you if your LOUD Inner Critic makes you feel incapable, hopeless and defeated. 

Knowing your Inner Critic enables you to stop obeying it, But it requires Courage to do so. 

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Weekly Email, Tip for Tuesday

Incredible tips each week for tapping into your own ability to feel courageous as you respond to your loud Inner Critic.

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Courageous momentum Ad.png
Courageous momentum Ad.png

Courageous Momentum

THE Program

The HOW of Knowing Your Inner Critic. 

1:1 Coaching via Zoom

Voxer Support Between Sessions

8 Sessions

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