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How to Feel Refreshed

Recently my husband brought home some flowers, just because.


After a week or so the flowers were wilting; just looking tired and worn out.  

In that moment, I connected with the weary state of those tired looking flowers.


Days later when I noticed that vase of flowers, I got the idea to freshen it up; I discarded the dead and wilted flowers, then went out in my yard and cut some branches of fresh leaves and berries.


This is about the same process I go through during a "growth spurt" :

Courageously discarding thoughts and practices that don't serve me anymore; Bravely bringing in new ones and wrestling to create space for them, until they don't feel so foreign. It is a repeated process of discarding and bringing in.


And I'm finally accepting that as long as I'm committed to work on myself, and I am, that's how it will continue to go for the rest of my life.


In the past I have criticized myself for spinning in the same place for years.


But as I rearranged those flowers, I realized I was NOT spinning in the same place, but spiraling upward. Learning. Growing. Progressing.


Not the same arrangement at all.


I thank you for being here. The beauty of what you're creating inspires me; Whether you're feeling a little worn out and tired or refreshed and new, you are so important to me as we grow together.


Much Love and Continued Healing,


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